We Know the New Movers to Your Zip Codes!

Be first to welcome new movers to your churchbusiness/profession, dental practice, or hair salon with our list of new move ins, enhanced demographically to target your audience and refined to limit your expense. For details and pricing, choose your type of organization from the list on the top of this page.

How does it work?

We know who’s moving into any zip code in the country. Just provide us with the zip codes you want to reach and we’ll provide you with a free estimate of these new family move-ins so you can start reaching them with your services.

Call 503-482-5801 or Request an Estimate Online.

Who are we?

Welcome Card is a mail list provider to organizations (both profit and non-profit) that serve the basic needs of families new to their communities. Since 1984, our mission as a mail list provider is to be known by our quality, value and service. Welcome Card helps organizations reconnect new movers to their way of life. Many of our clients have been using our new mover mail lists since we began. Because so many organizations have benefited from our services, we feel you too will benefit from this on-going growth program. Click on your organization type at the top and see what we can do for you!

What do we do?

Welcome Card provides a mail list of new residents compiled from a wide variety of data sources. We get over a million names a month and have provided this service every month since 1984. By introducing newcomers to the essential services they need, they can quickly settle in and become part of their new community. Welcome Card can help you invite YOUR new neighbors to YOUR church, business or profession early, before they establish patterns somewhere else.

Where do we cover?

For any zip code in any community in the country. Choose as many zip codes as you need to cover your market area. Demographic screens may be added to further target your market. To get an estimate for your community please call 503-482-5801 or Request an Estimate Online

When do we provide this service?

Each and every month you receive a new updated list of new movers to your select zip codes.

Why subscribe to this service?

Because it works! Welcome Card has helped thousands of organizations benefit from connecting their services to new families in their community. If your organization provides a recognized need for a newly moved family, then you too, can benefit. We will provide you with the best names available. We can build the list to your demographic specifications, marketing objectives, and budget requirements. As we serve you, you prosper and the new families benefit by reconnecting their needs with the services you can provide them.