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New Movers for Business/Professions

Welcome Card helps businesses and professions introduce themselves to new movers in any community (by radius around your address or zip code). We serve a wide variety of businesses and professions, such as dentists, veterinarians, automotive, home, food, fitness, tax and community services. In fact, we serve all businesses that provide a basic service that new move-in families need to re-establish their way of life. We can help connect you with these prime prospects each month before they establish buying habits.

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  • Business or professions address their own mailers with Welcome Card new mover names. (The volume of monthly movers in your zip codes determines your rate.)
  • Order by zip code or radius.
  • We can eliminate most local moves.
  • Free demographic enhancements, by request.
  • Free zip plus 4 and bar codes. CASS, by request.
  • Phone numbers where available, by request. (Add 5 cents to rate.)
  • Guaranteed 100% deliverable.
  • Plans available to meet any budget.
  • References available by request.

What our customers are saying:

“When I bought my partner’s share in 2005, you had already been serving this practice since 1993. You mail about 500 postcards to newcomers in over a dozen zip codes for us each month. We appreciate this service.” – Veterinarian, NY

“We mail out over 1000 letters a month with your address labels. It works so well we have been using your program since about 1985. Now we’ve opened a second clinic and ordered more zip codes. – Dentist, IN