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New Movers for Dentists

Welcome Card helps your dental practice introduce yourself to new movers in your community (by radius around your address or zip code). Each month, we can help connect you with these prime prospects before they find someone else.

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  • Your office will address your own mailers using Welcome Card new mover list each month. (The volume of monthly moves in your zip codes determines your rate.)
  • Order by zip code or radius.
  • We can eliminate most local moves.
  • Free demographic enhancements, by request.
  • Free zip plus 4 and bar codes. CASS, by request.
  • Phone numbers where available, by request. (Add 5 cents to rate.)
  • Guaranteed 100% deliverable – we will refund cost of undeliverable addresses.
  • Plans available to meet any budget.
  • References available by request.

What our customers are saying:

“When I bought my partner’s share in 2005, you had already been serving this practice since 1993. We mail about 500 postcards to newcomers in over a dozen zip codes for us each month. We appreciate this service.” – Veterinarian, NY

“We mail out over 500 postcards a month with your new mover list. It works so well, this is the only advertising program we use. We have been using your program since about 1985. Now we’ve opened a second clinic and ordered more zip codes.” – Jason N. – Premier Dental

“We were so backed up with new patients, we had to add an additional hygienist full time.” – Linda B. – Dental Solutions