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Frequently Asked Questions About New Movers

1. How does it work?

Very simple we do a radius from an address. Tell us the address for the radius or specific zip codes your new neighbors are moving into and Welcome Card will provide a new mover list via an electronic file in your email or for an extra charge we can provide peel and stick labels. Call 503-482-5801 or Request an Estimate Online.

2. How often can I get this list?

Welcome Card provides a new updated list of new move-ins your radius each and every month.

3. How Accurate is the list?

If you can find a good mail list it should be 95% accurate. Welcome Card guarantees your new mover list 100% deliverable.

4. Where do you get the names?

From a wide variety of data sources: Companies that require their customers to provide a change of address when they move as well as utility and telephone companies where available.

5. Do you include names of moves within my zip codes?

Good question. Most list companies do, but we don’t think you should pay more for people just moving down the street in their neighborhood or across the hallway of their apartment complex. We can provide those names if you wish, but by default we eliminate the names we know have just moved around inside your zips. This will save you 30%.

6. Are there demographic screens I can order to target my list?

Yes, besides a range of distance screens, you may choose type of dwelling (homes or apartments), gender and family income levels; all very useful and cost effective tools to enhance your mailing at no additional charge.

7. Can I get phone numbers?

Unfortunately, no.

8. Is there a subscription fee?

We have no subscription fee – but we do have a 3-month minimum on all services.

9. What does your new mover list cost?

Use the contact form to request an estimate. Please provide us either the zip codes you are interested in or an address and distance for a radius count for New Movers history in your area.

10. How do I get more information, a cost estimate or place an order?

Call 503-482-5801 or Request an Estimate Online.